Friday, May 08, 2009


I'm going to work on the ending for The Pretender again. I re-wrote that one several times, but the ending still seems weak.

This installment is meant to show that our protagonist has a vicious streak and can sometimes barely keep his rage in check.

This and the first post were the first two situations that came to me when I first started thinking about this story.

I gotta say, trying to give hints about the backstory without giving too much away all at once is freakin' hard.


  1. I thought the installment was pretty darn good, but I don't sense a vicious or mean streak there - more like compassion. Maybe the viciousness can come out in a later installment without rewriting this one.

  2. Maybe instead of "vicious streak" I should have said "lack of subtlety and impatience."

    So far I think my biggest struggle is letting out bits and pieces of my own "vampire mythology" without resorting to some dry exposition that isn't integral to the story.

  3. I am also struggling with what to call them. I have so far avoided using the word "vampire" because I think it has been cheapened by modern vamp lore.