Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Words of warning

A co-worker of mine "went down" yesterday, in the words of the supervisor. That is, he was overcome by heat stress. Someone found him lying on the ground, shaking, and called an ambulance. He recovered fairly quickly, once they cooled him down, and he should be okay.

It's very hot out there folks, and if you have to spend an extended period of time exerting yourself outside, take precautions. If you wait until you're really thirsty to drink some water, you have waited too long. Try to keep drinking before you get thirsty. This isn't always easy, but it's easier than dying of heat stroke. And wear a decent hat. I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't ever wear a hat, which is just dumb in this kind of weather. I wear a boonie hat with a wide brim and a ventilated crown.

Be careful out there.


  1. Good advice.

    The wife was telling me she had 2 drivers collapse today and one needed an ambulance.

  2. The heat is nothing to mess around with, and most natives to South Texas know that. A buddy of mine went into the Army, and during basic training (I think it was at Fort Benning in Georgia) he saw a lot of Northerners collapse from the heat. He said he knew the key was to just stay hydrated, but, then again, he's more accustomed to hot weather than a lot of people up north.