Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 albums a day #20

Hawkwind, all on LP.
Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)
Choose Your Masks (1982)
Friends and Relations (1982)
Zones (1983)
Anthology Volume I (1985)
Anthology Volume II (1986)
Anthology Volume III (1986)
The Xenon Codex (1988)

I don't remember exactly how I first heard of Hawkwind. It may have been in the book The Acid Trip: A Complete Guide to Psychedelic Music. It may have been from Neil's Book of the Dead. By the way, I bought that book at Hastings just because it looked so funny and weird, before I had ever even heard of The Young Ones. The first one I bought was either Zones or Masques, I don't remember which. Every one of these was purchased at Sundance Records in San Marcos. Good luck finding any other store that carries Hawkwind anywhere around here. As you can see I have several from the 80s but only one from the 70s, so I guess I should get a few more to fill in the gaps. Although, the anthology series has some very early stuff that probably pre-dates even Doremi Fasol Latido. I don't think I can pick out a favorite album, but they have lots of songs that I would put in a favorites list. Friends and Relations is notable because it includes songs from other groups that members of Hawkwind rotated through, with two songs from Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix in which you get to hear Moorcock singing. I also have a dozen downloaded tracks from various albums. One of these is their version of "Motorhead" (Lemmy Kilminster* was a member of Hawkwind before he formed Motorhead); another is their cover of Pink Floyd's "Interstellar Overdrive."

Album count: 192.

*Click the link for Lemmy, it makes for some interesting reading.

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