Wednesday, August 19, 2009

10 albums a day #21

House of Heroes - The End is Not the End (mp3 download, EP)
Helix - Long Way to Heaven (1985, LP)
- Dreamboat Annie (1976, LP)
- Dog and Butterfly (1978, cassette)
- Greatest Hits/Live (1980, double LP)
- These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits (1997, CD)
Hüsker Dü
- Metal Circus (1983, cassette EP)
- Zen Arcade (1984, double LP)
- New Day Rising (1985, LP)
- Flip Your Wig (1985, LP)
- Warehouse: Songs and Stories (1987, CD)

The House of Heroes EP was a free download from Amazon; hard/alt-rock, nothing too spectacular.

I never got into the hair band thing (I never gave much consideration to a genre that was named after its followers' hair rather than their musical style), except for a few select power ballads such as "Deep Cuts the Knife" by Helix. This is basically just more 80s nostalgia. I've already commented on Heart, just click the links to read if you want.

Hüsker Dü was one of the groups I retreated into in the 80s to seek refuge from all that cr*p that was being played on the radio all the time. Originally turned onto them by a co-worker, they became one of my favorite groups. I thought I also had Candy Apple Gray but I guess I never did buy that one. I bought Warehouse on my birthday in 1987, and after taking it home and listening to it, I felt a little sad, because I could tell that it was going to be the last one.

Album count: 203.

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  1. Love Husker Du....Bob Mould has come a really long way musically since then. I will have to send you some of his new stuff if you don't have it yet. Just let me know on FB