Tuesday, September 01, 2009

10 albums a day #32

Juice Newton - Juice (1981, cassette), Quiet Lies (1982, cassette)
Julee Cruise - Floating Into the Night (1989, cassette)
k.d. lang - Ingenue (1992, CD)
Kansas - Point of Know Return (1977, LP)
Ken Block - Drift (2008, Amazon free download)
Kenny and the Kasuals - Nothin' Better To Do (LP), Things Gettin' Better (LP)
The Kentucky Headhunters - Best of (1994, CD)
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969, LP)

Juice was from a music club when I was in high school, Quiet Lies purchased at a mall in Dallas during our senior trip along with an Eagles tape. Juice is still one of my favorite albums. I also have the two records that follow these, but I haven't ripped them. They aren't as good, in my opinion.

I discovered Julee Cruise via Twin Peaks. She was working as a talent scout for Angelo Badalamenti (who wrote all the music for Twin Peaks) and then started performing herself. All the music on this album was written by Badalamenti, or co-written by he and Cruise. She can be seen a couple of times on Twin Peaks, most notably during one of Agent Cooper's semi-hallucinations when he's in a biker bar and she's on stage singing "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart." She has released only two other albums (with a third forthcoming), none of which I have, but I'm sure I would like them all. She just has that kind of voice.

The k.d. lang CD was purchased out of curiosity; at the time I had never heard her sing that I knew of. It's a good CD, but I'm not really interested in anything else from her.

Ken Block was another recent Amazon download. The music is southern rockish tending toward country, and I like it.

Kentucky Headhunters have released one other compilation album besides this one, and I'd like to get it too. I don't think I really want any of their regular albums, though.

King Crimson was probably my first exposure to real art rock (not counting Yes, because they're not snooty enough). This is the only one of theirs I have, and it's probably the most famous. It's another one that I first heard thanks to my college room-mate's record collection. I would still like to get this one on CD, because I think my record is defective. There's a several-minute stretch where the left channel seems to kind of drop out.

Album count: 324.

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