Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 albums a day #39

Neil Young
(& the Bluenotes) - This Note's For You (1988, cassette)
- Freedom (1989, CD)
(and Crazy Horse) - Ragged Glory (1990, CD)
- Harvest Moon (1992, CD)
- Unplugged (1993, CD)
- Mirror Ball (1995, CD)
The Nylons - Seamless (1986, LP)
The Oak Ridge Boys - Greatest Hits (CD)
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party (1985, cassette)
Paul Austin Kelly - A Walking Oliver Sampler (2009, Amazon download)

I went through a Neil Young phase for some reason in the early 90s; the This Note's tape was purchased around that time when I saw it in a clearance bin. My favorite of these is Ragged Glory.

The Nylons were a male quartet who sang pop/rock a capella except for using a drum machine. The group is still around but numerous men have rotated through the group and only one original member still remains. One of the original tenors died in 1991 from complications related to AIDS.

The Oak Ridge Boys CD is their first Greatest Hits, which I like. I have no desire to get anything else by them. This CD does not include "Elvira" or "So Fine," which I like to refer to as "Elvira with slightly different lyrics but identical music." If I ever hear either of those songs again, somebody is gonna pay for it.

Dead Man's Party is my only Oingo Boingo album. I think I bought it after reading an article on Danny Elfman in Keyboard magazine. The only thing I still remember about the article is how he took a bunch of beer cans, filled with varying amounts of fluid so that they were "tuned," and then sampled them so he could play the sound on his sampling keyboard.

The Amazon sampler is a sampler all of one artist: Paul Austin Kelly, who does songs for kids similar to Dan Zanes.

Album count: 392.

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