Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 albums a day #46

Roxy Music - Avalon (1982, CD)
Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl (1989, CD), All Time Greatest Hits (1989, CD)
Roy Rogers - The Country Music Hall of Fame (1992, CD)
Scorpions - Love at First Sting (1984, CD)
Max Morath - The Best of Scott Joplin (1972, double LP)
The Screaming Blue Messiahs - Totally Religious (1989, CD)
Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (1979, CD)
- Oil and Gold (1985, CD)
- Big Night Music (1986, mp3 download)
- Go Bang! (1988, CD)

I think I bought the Roxy Music CD because I'd heard "Avalon" on the radio. It's still a favorite song and I used to just zone out on that long, lingering fade-away end with the female vocalise and I always wished it lasted longer.

Both Roy Orbison albums were purchased shortly after his death. The Roy Rogers CD was one of those compilations from I think there's a whole series of albums called "Country Music Hall of Fame" for different old-time country artists.

I originally bought First Sting on LP, then later got the CD, although I'm not sure why. I must have liked it more back then than I do now. Still, the awesome power balled "Still Loving You" is one of my favorite songs. This was one of the first handful of CDs I bought when I got my first CD player.

Max Morath is out of alphabetical order here because I had accidentally filed it under "Scott Joplin," who was the composer but not the artist.

I am still looking to find a digital version of Bikini Red by Screaming Blue Messiahs. I used to have a dupe tape of a co-worker's CD but I wore it out. I would probably buy any of their stuff if I happened across it.

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle is good for the humor, although of course it is not a "real" Sex Pistols album (read about it at Wikipeida for an explanation if you want). The best thing on here is hearing Sid Vicious croon "My Way." Of course I also have Bollocks on LP but I haven't ripped it. I was almost certain I had another dupe tape of a co-worker's CD that was titled We Have Come for Your Children, but I can't find mention of any such album in their discography.

Shriekback is still one of my very favorite 80s groups and I still listen to both these albums often. I don't care for Go Bang! all that much, it's too dancey and not dark enough--they had had major personnel changes after Big Night Music. The only song on Go Bang! that really sounds like the old Shriekback is "Dust and Shadow." My favorite of these is Oil and Gold, but Big Night Music is pretty close.

Album count: 469.

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