Friday, November 25, 2005

Citizens taking over for police in Albania

Apparently the Albanians are so disgusted with the ineptitude of their own police that they no longer call them to report stolen cars. They just handle it themselves:
When a big new Mercedes was stolen at gunpoint earlier this month from a Tirana parking lot, the lot owner immediately called in his friends from the capital and around the country instead of dialing the local police precinct.

Using mobile phones, three cars homed in on the late-model limousine from different directions while an unofficial road block was set up near the northern town of Lezhe.

The car-jackers saw the private roadblock, got out and took off, the Gazeta Shqiptare newspaper said.

The Mercedes owner got his car back so fast he did not believe it had ever been stolen, until the parking lot owners showed him damage to the car radio, it added.
The paper said statistics showed 'you could count on the fingers of one hand' the number of stolen car cases solved by police, while private recovery appeared to be highly effective.
Of course, if this happened here, I'm sure they would all be called "vigilantes" by the press.