Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't what to title this post

My daughter, who is recently turned 15, came to me today and asked if there was a word for when you love something so much it just hurts.

She has a love for music that is much like mine, that is, we are not casual listeners.  I have experienced many times when a song felt like it just punched me in the gut and it stays with me forever afterward.

So I asked her what she was referring to, and she said it was the album by a group called Bastille. So, I thought, I gotta hear this.

Well, I like them quite a lot.  They are a British synthpop group, to put it simply, but they use a lot of harmony vocals.

What I love most about this is that she has found music that speaks to her so strongly that she loves it so much it just hurts.  I know how that feels.  We have something in common.  This makes me happy.  They've released only one album so far, in 2013.  I know she will be following and listening to this group for years to come, provided, of course, that they keep making more albums, in much the same way I have listened to and followed groups like Marillion, Styx and Rush.

Here's my favorite song from the album.

They don't have an official video for this one, so I picked a lyric video that fan made.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I wish that I could always dream mundane, boring, completely forgettable dreams.  But my record of epic nightmares continues.

Last night I actually got up and walked around the house for a few minutes to make sure I would break the cycle and not have a recurring nightmare (this happens a lot, too).

Werewolves.  Where do these things come from?  Anyway, fortunately, these werewolves could be killed by conventional weapons, no silver bullets or anything special like that needed.  Unfortunately, it took a massive number of injuries to put one down.  We were running out of ammo.  And then...some of them came back as zombie werewolves.

This cartoonish drawing is actually pretty accurate.

Saturday, March 01, 2014


4 Lead Singers That Sound Shockingly Bad Without the Band.

Read it and listen to the clips all the way to the end.  It has a great punch line.