Sunday, March 30, 2014

I don't what to title this post

My daughter, who is recently turned 15, came to me today and asked if there was a word for when you love something so much it just hurts.

She has a love for music that is much like mine, that is, we are not casual listeners.  I have experienced many times when a song felt like it just punched me in the gut and it stays with me forever afterward.

So I asked her what she was referring to, and she said it was the album by a group called Bastille. So, I thought, I gotta hear this.

Well, I like them quite a lot.  They are a British synthpop group, to put it simply, but they use a lot of harmony vocals.

What I love most about this is that she has found music that speaks to her so strongly that she loves it so much it just hurts.  I know how that feels.  We have something in common.  This makes me happy.  They've released only one album so far, in 2013.  I know she will be following and listening to this group for years to come, provided, of course, that they keep making more albums, in much the same way I have listened to and followed groups like Marillion, Styx and Rush.

Here's my favorite song from the album.

They don't have an official video for this one, so I picked a lyric video that fan made.

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