Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cluelessness in Wisconsin

From The Capital Times (Madison, WI):
Doug Pinnow of Pinnow Pharmacy in Brodhead is concerned that legalized carrying of weapons would encourage drug theft, and he cited the recent rash of pharmacy robberies in the greater Madison area.

"There are enough robberies as it is," he said. "If someone comes in with a concealed weapon, it's not going to make us feel very safe, and it's pretty unnerving to me. I'm worried about the stealing of drugs because people are pretty desperate on drugs. I don't understand the purpose of allowing people to carry concealed."
Yes, drug thieves will now feel much more empowered after going to all the trouble to legally carry a concealed handgun. I mean, if they had robbed you with a gun before, they would have been breaking the law!

But the police chief of New Glarus, WI says:
Although some police officials have spoken out against concealed carry, New Glarus Police Chief Steve Allbaugh believes arming potential victims is a good idea for crime prevention.

"I'm in favor as long as the background investigation and certain criteria are met," he said. "A lot of women are murdered in domestic-related situations. For females who feel that their lives are in danger, it's a good example where they should have something to protect themselves. Those situations are far more frequent than a person in a bank who pulls out a weapon."
For Mr. Pinnow: if someone comes into your store with a concealed weapon, you won't know about it. It's concealed. However, when your store is invaded by an armed robber you will know it, because sooner or later his gun will be un-concealed. This is the guy you actually need to worry about.