Monday, January 09, 2006

Someone asked me for gun-related advice

I mentioned before that I had run into a previous co-worker at the gun show. I will elaborate on that more. At one point during our conversation, I said, "So, I didn't know you were a gun guy." His answer, "I didn't used to be. But a couple of years ago I got curious so I bought a rifle. It was so much fun I got another and I have four and I'm looking to get a shotgun."

When the topic turned to handguns, he still seemed a little leery of handguns, but we walked around and looked at some anyway, with him asking me lots of questions and me doing my best to answer. I don't consider myself an expert on guns by any means, but I did my best.

Later I received an email from him, and apparently our run-in got him to thinking about a handgun. He said he had narrowed it down to either a Baretta (he didn't mention a model), or the Sig 232 or 226. I have never used any of those guns, but since he asked me for my opinion, I told him that I had heard differing opinions on Barettas, but I had never heard anything bad about Sigs. I told him that as a new pistol shooter, if I were choosing between those models, it would be the 226. My reasons were: it's bigger than the 232, therefore should be easier to handle and attain good accuracy with for someone who is learning; also, it is designed for more potent calibers than the 232. So, did I give him good advice?

Besides, the Texas Rangers use Sigs, heh.

I think it's time for me to step up and take someone to the range. I'll let him shoot some handguns, and he can let me shoot his Mini-14. Sounds like a fair trade, to me.