Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Whatcha doin' with 100 paper clips, boy?

No reason any American needs to carry more than ten.

This ad actually made me laugh out loud (fortunately a massive dose of Ibuprofen has dulled the pain in my throat). I was reading an article that I was thinking about mentioning here until I glanced through the sidebar ads, and they were ridiculous. For example, one of them stated: "Discover Forbidden Attraction Secrets The Liberal Media Does Not Want You To Know." Egad, you mean they're suppressing that too?! (Red emphasis theirs, by the way).

But the one I'm talking about was how to embed a paper clip in someone's forehead from 20 feet away. You know, like that guy in Daredevil.

"Gee, I don't know, Sarge. I mean, it's obvious he died when a pipe cleaner was rammed up his nose clean into his brain. But the closest footprints are 20 feet away, so I can't see how it happened."

The DVD set is $97. If it could teach me how to decapitate someone from 20 feet away with unused AOL promotional CDs, my house would suddenly become an arsenal.