Sunday, September 30, 2007

A sobering morning

UPDATE: Here's the news report. Which, knowing the Express-News, may or may not be entirely accurate.

UPDATE 2: And here is the report from our local county newspaper. See if you can spot spot the bias between the two. Hint: our county newspaper is more accurate.

Arrived at church services this morning and the first thing I learned was that an elderly member of our congregation went to the aid of his neighbors, who were victims of a home invasion. This gentle, quiet elderly man was forced to use lethal force with a firearm to protect himself and his neighbors from the invaders.

One of the home invaders died. The other escaped, but was caught later and is now in custody.

I realize that in some parts of the country, such actions would have been frowned upon, but not here. It was obvious that this man was heavily preoccupied and more quiet even than usual, but he was there. It was up to his wife to let everyone know what had happened, because he wouldn't speak of it.

A prayer was led. Some parts of it: "We thank you, Lord, that [name redacted] had the courage to help his neighbors, and that You kept him safe and unharmed. We pray for the grieving families of the one who died, and we pray that somehow, somewhere, this will be a lesson that there are consequences for choosing a life of violence and thievery."

It was the first time I had ever heard such a prayer. I only pray that if I am ever forced into such a situation, my heart is not so hardened that I don't feel grief for the one who died, or for his family. And I hope I have the courage to pray for them, not to curse them.


  1. Wow, that is a good prayer for that situation. Sounds like you go to a pretty good church. Glad to hear your congregation is supporting the man while still caring about how the intruder's family and friends must feel.

  2. You have a good church home.

    I am certain that if placed in such a situation, you will grieve for the one who forced your actions.

  3. I am not a religious person, myself, but I have always approved of the way some churches help the local community, which is more in the true spirit of religion than just collecting money and singing hymns.

  4. That's the first time I've ever heard of a church doing that. Sounds like some good folks.

  5. Well said. What an appropriate prayer. I'll add mine for everyone involved, too. Those of us prepared to use deadly force to defend ourselves and others should have exactly that kind of mind set...after we have survived the encounter.

    Thanks for sharing this.