Friday, November 30, 2007

The last great act of defiance

This one from LOLTHULHU cracked me up. Not because of the caption, but because of the picture itself. We got the tough guy poking itty bitty holes in something with his .38 (or possibly .32) revolver. And you know, preternatural entities are like icebergs: the biggest part is what you don't see. The girl in the back is probably better off, since she's about to cast a spell so there's a good chance her sanity loss will render her unaware of the coming doom. Poor Jimmy Olsen in the front is already caught--if he's lucky he'll be dead before that shantak comes sweeping down from the moon.

This is a perfect example of not carrying enough firepower. But then you never really can, in these situations.

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  1. That one's actually the picture from the instructions to Arkham Horror. It's always kind of amused me, too.