Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday night nothing blogging

I'm too tired to think of anything original to say, although I am staying up for a late-night pipe in my Sanctum Sanctorum. Getting the storage pod completely emptied today was utterly exhausting, especially moving all those books (I say again, ye gads!)

The DishNetwork guy showed up late today and did a really good job with installing the new dish. He took extra care running cables because it was obviously a new house, and they are barely visible. He also took extra time to make sure we were receiving everything we are supposed to. I went ahead and added local channels to the mix so we won't have to "assume Fox viewing positions" every time we want to watch something local. I was pleased and surprised to find that KLRN is re-running "Good Neighbors" on Sunday nights. That was one of my favorite old Britcoms.

While waiting for the DishNetwork guy to show up and do his thing, I did do more ripping of CDs that had neglected before. Here's some of them.

School House Rock! Rocks
Andrés Segovia -- The Baroque Guitar
Barbershop Harmony Time with the Buffalo Bills and the Chordettes
America's Greatest Hits
The Best of The Band
The Best of The Beach Boys
The B52's -- Good Stuff
Blood Sweat & Tears -- Child is Father to the Man
Roy Rogers -- Country Music Hall of Fame Series
The Best of Carly Simon
Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits
Bonnie Raitt -- Nick of Time
John Coltrane -- From the Original Master Tapes
Joni Mitchell -- Ladies of the Canyon
Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music -- Street Life (20 Great Hits)
Marillion -- The Thieving Magpie
Peter Gabriel -- Passion
Marillion -- Season's End
Marillion -- Six of One, Half-Dozen of the Other
Agent Orange -- When You Least Expect It

I'll be getting a USB hard drive pretty soon to hold all the mp3s. Heh.

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  1. Some good people in that list: Segovia, Ronstadt, Mitchell, and Coltrane to name a few.