Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daisy Buck

I got a search hit for "Daisy Buck accuracy," so I thought I'd offer my two cents since I have one. It's not, very, mostly because it has such a low velocity that it's only good for up to about 10 yards and then you have to aim very high to get the BB to the target. Also it doesn't have an adjustable rear sight. But if you're looking for a cheap BB rifle to get a little kid started on learning how to handle and aim a rifle, it should suit your purpose. Just expect to upgrade to something better when the kid gets bigger and can handle a heavier gun and starts getting serious about rifle shooting.


  1. You can go ahead and get them into the whole "A Christmas Story" Daisy Red Ryder. I saw some last week at, of all places, Harbor Freight!

    I've got a plastic-stocked 105 (tho it's got a cast metal cocking lever, not the plastic ones like now), before they named it the "Buck."

  2. Mine shot minute of can for years.