Thursday, November 12, 2009

The unofficial city dump

What a neighborhood. I first read this route last month, when this street was still open enough to drive through. Not anymore. This is a view of Jenull Ave. from its intersection with Giddings.

There is nothing on the entire street except for one unidentified building with a high chain-link and barb-wire fence and hazard warning signs on the doors (something official, but no signs to say what the heck it is) right on the corner where I was standing. If you click the link and zoom in one level so you can read the smaller street names, neither is there anything on Hamel or Monsoon (I walked right past them and barely even noticed there were "streets" there) and barely anything on Giddings. A good one-third of the houses on Rotary are vacant. It's one of those places that is quiet...too quiet. There are so few meters in that little neighborhood and so much of what we call "dead walking" (walking a long distance without reading any meters) that at one point I read only 35 meters in 30 minutes. Terrible.

So if you ever need a place to dump your garbage or possibly a dead you go.


  1. Geeze! Please tell me you are armed when you walk this route.

  2. Now, now. That would be against the rules.

  3. Hee hee! Google Street View caught a gentleman doing something decidedly suspicious on that very street. Sorry, I can't seem to post the link, but just type in Jenull Avenue San Antonio into Google Maps, go to street view, and then look for the guy next to the red Mazda.

  4. I can't tell what he's doing, unless he's just sifting through the garbage looking for treasure.