Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Quest Begins

Side 1, track 1.

I am having a devil of a time trying to scan & stitch the inner cover.


  1. I wonder if anyone who wasn't alive and older than, say, 11 years at the time, can truly comprehend the nature, the feeling, of the transition of Fantasy that was going on in the Eighties. The striving to transcend the bounds, the experimental testing of new media and tools, that now, in the world that that has all given birth to, can seem so, well, redolent of fermented curd? But it was cool, man, as cool as Han Solo's hair.

  2. It seems kinda weird now to think about it, but why was it that the fantasy of that time seemed to represent itself with ultra modern synth music rather than more fitting music, say of medieval times or something? Maybe the otherworldly new sounds seemed more evocative of fantastic scapes? Or maybe it was just cheaper and easier for a fantasy creating nerd of the time to get hold of a synthesizer? I think this music is awesome either way, myself. It reminds me a little of John Carpenter's great theme to "Escape From New York."

  3. Once I get my internet situation straightened out, I'll keep posting more of these.