Sunday, March 27, 2011

Allegro 2011 Winter Sampler (free mp3 download)

Just wanted to recommend this sampler that I downloaded recently. Many of the free samplers I've downloaded from Amazon have given me the opportunity to wade through a whole lot of cr*p to find a few tarnished gems. However, this sampler is full of jewels. In fact, the Allegro label seems to put out some really good stuff and this is not the only sampler of theirs that I would recommend.

Anyhow, ten tracks by ten different artists, the first 7 of which fall firmly into the jazz category. Most are instrumental but track 2 is a very clever (both musically and lyrically) vocal piece by Lorraine Feather. I had never heard her name before, but I think I should have. There are other jazz artists on here who I have heard of, for example Freddie Hubbard and James Moody. All great tracks.

Now, come track 8 we find a piece that leans far more toward the ambient, by Deuter, who I have also heard of but not in jazz circles. A cool new age-y piece that still has a beat and isn't boring like a lot of that kind of music. I've come across a few other random pieces by him and I've liked them all.

Track 9 is by Jasbir Jassi. This piece would just be called "world music" by most folks in the U.S., but is more specifically--as I have just learned--Bhangra, a form of Indian dance music. Also cool.

Track 10 hits the jackpot with "The Rebel Piper" by The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Bagpipes with modern instrumental accompaniment. A great, bright piece to close the album.

It's free, but good enough to pay for. I don't usually say that about Amazon free samplers.

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  1. I have to agree- this is one of those gems you find on Amazon; and Allegro indeed brings us listeners some audio-treats.