Sunday, October 28, 2012

A couple of vintage book covers

Found these at My Ear-Trupet Has Been Struck By Lightning.

"I will just add that the people who bought this book based on its cover were among the most cruelly disappointed people in history." kidding.  If you saw the covers of the versions of these books that I own, you would be hard-pressed to believe they were the same books.

I might have to re-read that first one again.  I don't remember anything about a sarcastic beaver.


  1. That would be Hyoi the Hrossa. I also noted on "Ear-Trumpet" that whoever first posted the covers mis-identified the eldil (planetary angelic intelligences) Malacandra and Perelandra as "the Adam and Eve of Venus," Tor and Tinidril.

  2. I remember reading the first one in fifth grade; actually the beaver description isn't far off from what I imagined.

  3. I don't remember anything about a sarcastic beaver.


    Of course, he looks more like a twisted bear on this cover.