Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why Snickers can burn in h*ll

8 Bizarre Ways Corporations Have Attempted to Save $$

 I don't know why they said this was "bizarre" when it's really more "clever" or "devious."  There's one that they missed, but I didn't.

A few years ago, Snickers began selling their candy bars split in two, instead of one full-sized candy bar.  This "break" in the middle of the bar reduced the net weight by about half an ounce, but they still cost the same as the old bar.  I know this because when it happened, some stores were still stocking both the new "broken" bar and the old single-piece bar, and I immediately noticed it and checked the net weights.

With some bars, it's even worse.  Their peanut butter bar is now broken into four pieces, reducing the net weight from the old single-piece bar by more than one ounce, but they still cost the same as the old bar.

For this reason, Snickers is dead to me.  Reese's Nutrageous bars are better anyway, and they still come in one big bar.

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