Saturday, January 17, 2004

Bury me deep.

An article from Yahoo! News about an eco-friendly cemetery near Lake Livingston, Texas.

"Russell's family wanted to preserve Waterwood, so he and his parents bought 2,500 acres near the lake, about 10 miles from the Sam Houston National Forest. Besides the cemetery, they have used the land to establish sanctuaries for alligators and eagles, a 131-acre longleaf pine preserve and a 110-acre research forest.

'I feel like the only permanent legacy that a person can leave is a piece of America the beautiful," Russell said. "With this concept, even in death, in this cemetery ... that beautiful forest will always be there for everyone to enjoy.'"

Sounds good to me.

(NOTE: This article includes a link to the cemetery's website, but I am unable to bring it up at this moment.)