Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Another Rampaging Chihuahua

Yesterday a huge, vicious Chihuahua was sprayed by a meter reader in San Antonio, in full view and company of the dog's owner. It even made the evening news.

The first thing I want to say is: You idiot.

The second thing I want to say is: It isn't Mace, you idiot. It's Halt! pepper spray, with a deadly 0.07% capsicum rating.

That's right. Zero point zero seven percent. Spray it on your eggs, and you'll just barely have huevos rancheros.

Third thing: This is why I'm glad I'm a contractor and not an employee of CPS. Having to learn everything from scratch as I did has prevented me from picking up a lot of bad habits.

It seems that CPS s.o.p. is to spray first without evaluting the dog. If they would just use half the wits they were born with, this would never be a problem. I constantly hear complaints from customers that the previous meter reader sprayed their dog, to which I proudly answer, "I don't even carry the stuff."

I've mentioned before how worthless this stuff is. It's only effective against dogs that don't need it. A truly vicious and dangerous dog will either ignore it or be effected so slowly that it will be all over you before it takes effect. Chihuahuas are just too small to worry about. Just wear some decent boots and let them come. They can't reach over the top of the boot, so don't worry about it. Let them yap their fools heads off, read the meters, and get out.

Other problems with this spray is that it's really hard to hit a dog in the face. Any dog that can be hit easily isn't moving fast enough to worry about. If there is any breeze at all, it must be hitting you in the back. If it's coming from the side, it will blow the spray away before it hits. If the wind is hitting you in the face, God help you if you spray, because you will get a snoot full of it and you will feel it--but it will by no means incapacitate you. That's how wimpy it is. Point is, Chihuahuas are naturally so hyper that they constantly run in circles around you, screaming and never stopping for an instant. If this guy nailed one in the face, it must have either been sick, very old, or extremely docile.

All this idiot did was make it more difficult for the next guy, which, with my luck, will probably be me. The customer is going to be hostile, and the dog is going to hate everyone now because it was just minding its own business when this moron sprayed it.

If it were up to me, all their meter readers would be issued dog sticks and be prohibited from ever using pepper spray. It's ineffective to the point of worthlessness (have I mentioned that before?) and just ticks off customers because their precious baby was temporarily in pain.

The last thing I would like to say is: You idiot.

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