Sunday, May 15, 2005

Minutemen Return for the Weekend

KOLD TV in Tucson has this report that some of the Minutemen have returned to their posts just for this weekend:
With just a few days notice, the minutemen organized nearly 150 volunteers to watch the Arizona/Mexico border this weekend. "This is something we feel really strongly about and it's unfortunate that I have to take another weekend out of my life to come down here," Geiger told KOLD News 13.
[Area rancher Joe] Scelso says the Minutemen Project in April must have left an ongoing effect on the border, because it's still pretty quiet around his ranch. "It wasn't until they did show up down here that we finally got the relief we've been hoping for, because the government sure hasn't been doing it," Scelso told KOLD News 13.

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