Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Editorial: Are we losing the war on terror?

Just thought I should mention this editorial from my home-county newspaper, the Wilson County News:
We hear it over and over again: Situations caused by suicide bombers are tragedies beyond our comprehension. Every time we hear about suicide bombers, roadside bombers, shoe bombers, or any other kind of bomb-toting terrorist, we shudder at their brutality.

So, as many complain that the United States doesn't have any business being in the Middle East in the first place, it gives them even more reason to watch the bombers with consternation. Their conclusion: If we weren't such bullies, there would be no need for these so-called insurgents to be blowing themselves and others up with roadside bombs.

That's hardly reality, however, as these terrorists' attacks originated long before the current war; in fact, they are the cause of the current war.

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