Sunday, June 12, 2005

Good grief...

A report from the Buffalo News about a trafficker in illegal guns which paints everyone who is not an anti-gun lunatic with the same broad brush:
Bostic didn't pull the trigger that night in August 2003 when the 9mm bullet tore a hole through Bud's insides and his dreams.

Bostic never pulls the trigger. That's not how he kills or maims people, or destroys their lives.

But Bud still was one of Bostic's victims.

So was Armod Law. And Christopher Leftwich. And Larry Sommerville, even though Sommerville killed himself.
That's right. I'm not defending anyone who dumps guns into the street where they can be used by for criminal purposes by gangs, muggers, and various thugs, but this is nuts. Even suicide victims are not responsible for their own death. And it just gets worse from here.
Forty-five caliber pistols designed to knock down the strongest men. Nine-millimeter Hi-Points, light and easily concealed.
Sigh...what's the point? That's right. The .45 will knock down the strongest man. Less strong men will actually be thrown backwards10 or 15 feet before they hit the ground.
But he didn't give these weapons to military police. Bostic put his arsenal in the hands of doped up teenagers, petty thieves and hard core drug dealers. Anyone who wanted a cheap handgun for whatever reason--protection, status, to settle a grudge.
Holy cow, you mean some people wanted a gun to protect themselves? How dare they?!
Bostic, now 34, carried out the biggest illegal gun trafficking scheme ever uncovered in Western New York, The News found, by taking advantage of loopholes in the nation's gun laws and limitations on federal law enforcement. And he was helped by powerful gun rights lobbies that undermined the enforcers.
You heard it here folks. Gun rights lobbyists are in favor of selling cheap guns to punks in back alleys so they can murder each other and anyone else who gets in their way. How could I have been so misled as to think they were actually interested in protecting my inalienable, constitutionally-protected right?
Bostic also benefited, The News found, from hatching his scheme in the gun-friendly state of Ohio...
What? Where? Ohio is gun friendly? The devil you say.

This article just goes on and on about how lax gun laws are costing people lives. Everyone involved is now in jail, including the main perpetrator and his two "straw purchasers." But that isn't good enough. If guns were completely outlawed in the first place, none of this would have happened, or so they say.

I'm not good at this fisking business. I become too outraged at the complete and utter stupidity of people who write these kinds of things. There's no way I will ever convince them that waiting periods and special ID cards for ammo are wrong. There is no way they will ever convince me that such things are right. We are living in two different realities which will never under any circumstances come to terms with each other.

UPDATE: Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias has some excellent comments on this topic.

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