Wednesday, June 22, 2005

How to die conveniently

This article from the Des Moines Register is a tragic account of a woman who was killed in her own home, apparently by an ex-boyfriend, or ex-acquaintance, or something. It was someone with which she was not romantically involved but the police chose to call it "domestic violence" anyway. There are several things in it that peg the b.s. meter, but the icing on the cake is a sidebar containing a list called "How to Be Safe." Here are the first four items:
Find a room with an exit.

Stay there with a telephone or hide your cell phone in a safe place; have it programmed to 911.

Visualize an escape route. Be prepared to use it.

Trust your instinct to safely decide the next move.
Find...a room...with an exit...and hide. I'm speechless.

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