Saturday, June 18, 2005

Michigan Man Reclaims Property with Shotgun

Or so I would have written the headline. As it was, apparently these ne'er-do-wells took potshots at each because one of them had taken the other one's car, or so they would seem to say. Carjacking sparks a gunfight:
Police have a message for carjacking victims who spot their stolen vehicles on the road the next day: Don't pull out your shotgun and confront the thieves yourself.
Definitely not, because, you know, you might eliminate a parasite and get your car back:
Both men began firing. The man from the SUV was wounded and hospitalized in serious condition with injuries to his head, hand and leg, Hardy said Sunday night.

The husband wasn't injured.
Of course, you could always argue that it's better to let parasites run free than to do the job yourself:
"Charges are forthcoming," Hardy said, "but we don't know yet what charges and against whom."
My home was burglarized some 12 years ago or so, just a day or two before Christmas. I have nothing but contempt and some measure of outright hatred for these people. If I had ever caught them myself with my property in their hands, I would have been like Mark Hamill in The Big Red One, and the only thing that would have stopped the firing pin from clicking on an empty chamber is if someone had handed me a fresh magazine so I could reload.

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