Monday, June 13, 2005

This one I agree with...

From The News-Press (Southwest Florida):
Roy Bedard is a karate champion and reserve police officer who calls himself a 'use of force expert.'

Bedard, who runs a security consulting company in Tallahassee called RRB Systems International, said most business owners 'tend to carry weapons responsibly.'

But he believes more should be done to educate gun owners on when--not just how--to use their weapons.

'Deadly force isn't something you plan for,' Bedard said.

'Suddenly you're there and the question is, 'Do I shoot or don't I shoot?' There is no greater decision a person will make than to take another person's life.'
I think there should be classes, or perhaps seminars, or something, available beyond just the time required to acquire a CHL. These classes should focus on all the quirks of the law that are pertinent to a self-defensive shooting. They would not be mandatory, but they would be available.

This article mentions a couple of recent defensive gun uses, one which I consider righteous and the other which I consider abysmally stupid (you guess which):
On May 29, off-duty security guard Donald Biggs pulled his pistol and began firing shots in the parking lot of a Fort Myers Publix store to try to stop a fleeing shoplifting suspect. No one was hurt by the gunfire.

On June 3, a clerk at Weaver's Corner Pharmacy in North Fort Myers pulled a pistol and shot an armed, masked man who was trying to rob the pharmacy of prescription drugs.
This security guard must have learned most of his gun knowledge from watching movies. What this little snippet doesn't mention, but which I read in the original reports, is that the shoplifter was swerving around the parking lot and this guy was trying to shoot out his tires. Forgive me for not looking up the citation right now. I'm dead tired and need some sleep. I'll look it up tomorrow.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the story with more details. I think Mr. Biggs is extremely lucky that one of his shots didn't ricochet off the gravel and hit someone. You can bet he would have been charged if that had happened.

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