Friday, July 29, 2005

Fearing increase in crime, city takes one more tool of defense away from potential victims

The small town of Pacific, WA, fearing an increase in crime, and noting that the state of Washington has no law banning stun guns, has taken upon itself the task of ensuring that none of its residents are able to use one to protect themselves from criminal attack:
The small town of Pacific on the King-Pierce county border has passed an ordinance making it illegal to carry or own a stun-gun device.

Pacific Mayor Rich Hildreth said the City Council took the action last month as more companies begin marketing the nonlethal electrical devices to civilians as well as law enforcement.
He said the city wanted to be proactive, adding that Pacific is one of the few cities in the region to take such action.

"I'm all for having tools for self-protection,'' he said. "My concern is Tasers on the streets leading to an increase in crime, especially robbery, rape, domestic violence and assault." He said the weapon can effectively disable people and make them vulnerable to crimes.
Translation: "I'm all for having tools for self-protection, as long as you can protect yourself without hurting the poor wittle bad guy."

Residents of Pacific can now rest easy. Robbers, rapists, wife-beaters, and thugs in general will now immediately turn in their illegal stun guns, being the law-abiding citizens that they are.

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