Friday, July 15, 2005

Jumping on the blogwagon

Since my earlier post today was somewhere on the far side of sarcastic, I thought I should balance things out a little by making fun of myself. No attributions in this post, because I've seen these on so many other blogs that I don't even remember them all. That's right, folks, more dumb "whatever-the-heck-are-you" quizzes!

I've taken so many of these quizzes, I can't remember them all anymore. I don't post them all, because sometimes I'm not in the mood, sometimes Blogger mangles the code beyond recognition, and sometimes I just don't think it's anybody's business. (Why did I ever take that "who is your inner sexy cartoon chick" quiz? For the love of...did I really want to now that deep down inside I'm Daphne Blake?) Ahem...(cough). Anyway, this has been a feature of this blog since the early days, before anyone ever read it, as can be seen in the older archives. For example, in January 2004 I discovered which classic movie I am:

I was not entirely surprised.

Yesterday my kids were delighted to discover which movie hero I am:
Personally, I would have preferred Rooster Cogburn or even Gimli, son of Gloin.

Today I went on a deep soul-searching quest to discover my extent of hippiness, and was somewhat disturbed:
I am 18% Hippie.
So Not a Hippie.
What? Am I a Republican? Why did I even bother taken this test?! I guess I'll back to my George W. Bush fan club and tell them I just wasted 10 minutes of my life. At least I don't stink, man.
I'll tell you exactly why I got so high (even though at 18% it still calls me a Republican). Because I have in the past made my own tie-dyed shirt. I am fortunate that it didn't ask me about other tie-dyed affairs, or I would have had to admit that I once even made my own tie-dyed underwear. And I wasn't even high at the time. That was a long time ago.

To get some contrasting perspective on this shattering 18% of hippiness, I found:
I am 45% White Trash.
Not Too White Trashy
The white trash in my blood will not keep me from becoming a doctor or a lawyer, but it will keep me from a good haircut and any sort of fashion sense.
I think if there had been more questions about living in a trailer house or having ever fixed anything with baling wire, I could have broken 50%.

Hoping for something more frivolous, I decided to see if I would turn up as one of my favorite Simpsons characters: the Comic Book Guy. But alas, it was not to be. It turns out I am:

Some time ago I took this "which Marvel superhero are you" quiz and had the same result as below, but the code got so mangled by Blogger that I couldn't post it. But now I can show you who I really am:
(Arioch, Arioch, come to my aid! I might also add).

Lastly, the definitive quiz. This is the quiz that truly reveals all: what movie villain are you? Two words:
Heeeeeere's Johnny!

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