Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Personally, I'd rather just pay for the therapy

Crime-hit Brazil split over possible gun sales ban:
Rio de Janeiro taxi driver Luiz Marcelo is normally mild mannered, but he loses his temper when Brazil's upcoming referendum on whether gun sales should be banned comes up in a conversation.

"All you see around us in the streets is crime, and the best they can think of is to disarm honest citizens like me and you," the 50-year-old almost shouts. "I have a gun at home and another one in this car and I'm not giving them up."

Many Brazilians share this view, saying the state does not give its people adequate protection from violent crime and they need guns for self defense. But others are afraid of having guns at home and don't like the idea of armed citizens walking the streets.
This is another news article to infuriate anyone who is not a member of the cult of victimhood. Read it if you feel like you need a quick rise in your blood pressure. Here's the line that really gets me:
"Our recommendation to clients always is not to have a gun," said Alessandro Sanches, a security consultant with Kroll Inc. international risk consulting company in Sao Paulo. He said shooting range practice is not enough to stand up to thugs, which requires psychological training and experience.
Translation: if you people keep defending yourselves, my security company is going to lose business. Alternate translation: it is better to be dead than to suffer psychological consequences of defending yourself.

There's more, if you really want to read it.

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