Friday, July 29, 2005

Random Notes

I just started using a free statistics tracking service this week, called Tracksy. So far it has been very interesting. Apparently I have gained a couple of readers who don't get here by clicking on any outside links, they must actually have the site bookmarked, and they have been checking in almost every day for the past several days. That is quite flattering, I must say.

I have added an email link in the sidebar so I can be contacted by email if anyone wants to, instead of using a comment.

I have decided to try and go a little more under the radar by removing any direct references to my real name. Not that it makes any difference.

The line of Latin in the header is my best guess as to how to say "I am not surprised" in Latin. If I ever get a coat of arms, I think this will be the motto that goes on it. Actually I think it more literally means "I do not wonder." But it's close.

I will fill up the new "Gun & Self-Defense" links a.s.a.p. I have plenty of links to put there, I just haven't done it yet. They will be in alphabetical order, not by order of what I might think is importance.

UPDATE: Okay, that should be a respectable start to my advocacy links. I would like to say that although I am not Jewish, gay, or female, anyone who supports the right to keep and bear arms and the right of self defense is on my side, as far as I'm concerned. Also I've added the NRA-ILA web sticker newsfeed to the sidebar.

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