Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Somebody please explain to me...

...what is so wrong about investigating both sides of an argument.

Seattle, WA:
Heard the one about the Texas congressman who disliked the talk about global warming? He decided to have his U.S. House of Representatives committee launch an investigation into some scientists whose work bolstered the theory of climate change. Let's not laugh. It's a true abuse of power. And, while it's easy to cringe over the anti-intellectual inclinations in red states, Seattle has its own moments of discomfort with scientific endeavors. Consider the just-abandoned plans for a $60 million regional biocontainment laboratory at the University of Washington.
This article is really about something else, but the writer decided to take a cheap shot, and pretty much revealed his own personal bias. And while someone is explaining this to me, please also explain how wanting to investigate both sides of an argument is an abuse of power.

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