Saturday, August 20, 2005

Five Personal Idiosyncrasies

I'm really a pretty boring sort of person. And I never really try to participate in memes. However, this one sounded interesting, so I thought I'd rack my brain and see if I could come up with five things. I picked this up at Cowboy Blob's.

I hate clowns. Circus clowns, anyway. I have great respect for rodeo clowns.

I actually believe that sometimes certain items simply vanish. No one took them--they are just gone. I compulsively place certain important items in the exact same spot every time I put them down because of this. I want to make sure that when they vanish, I know it wasn't my fault.

I have an aversion, shall we say, to amphibians. Toads are the worst. Frogs are slightly less bad. I'm not too fond of turtles, either.

You know how Spiderman had his "Spidey-sense"? Well, I have the same thing, except that it's specific to exposed female cleavage. I'm serious. If there's any within eyesight, I know about it, even if I haven't turned that way to look yet.

There are certain foods that I absolutely cannot tolerate. I mean, they actually make me physically ill. Macaroni makes me vomit, although I love spaghetti (I don't know why, since they're both pasta). The mere sight of guacamole makes me queasy. No kidding. Someone once made me a sandwich and smeared some of that stuff on it, and on my first bite I had to make a run for the bathroom. I can't handle pineapple or coconut either.

I have an odd habit of laughing at things that no one else sees humor in, and not laughing at things that some other people think are funny. A new-age girl I once knew said this was because I was the archetypal Fool (from the Tarot deck). I like to think it's because I have a highly refined sense of the absurd.

I like to sleep with my head under a pillow.

I have had "The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe" in my nightstand for about 20 years now. I occasionally just pick it up and read a couple of poems at random.

I have a number of old gospel hymns so well memorized that if the world of Fahrenheit 451 came to pass, I would be the guy they go to for old gospel hymns.

A long time ago our local PBS station showed Dr. Who every weeknight at 10:00 PM. They started at the very beginning and showed every episode that has survived right through to the end with Sylvester McCoy. I taped almost every single episode, and I still have all the tapes. (And yes, I know the series is being revived).

A friend of mine and I have a habit of using random lines from Monty Python as titles for our emails, although the lines usually have no relation whatsoever to the content of the email.

Well, I said at the beginning that I was a pretty boring sort of person.