Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Local bowhunter invents tool to increase accuracy of bows

The Wilson County News reports:
He recently went to market with his first patented invention. The Air-Rest product he developed is designed to increase the accuracy of a bow by preventing arrows from having “unwanted contact or friction” with any part of the apparatus, save for the cable that a shooter draws back and releases during the shooting process, Minica said.


Rather than resting on the side of the bow, an arrow that is shot from an Air-Rest equipped bow sits in suspended animation within a magnetic field.

Watching an arrow being drawn and fired through an Air-Rest system is like experiencing an optical illusion. The arrow appears to be held fast by some invisible force, which of course, it is. But the magnetic field that holds the arrow is so powerful, there is absolutely no wobble or waver detectable.
Why didn't I think of that? The Air-Rest retails for about $100.

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