Saturday, August 20, 2005

Some Minutemen in Texas will be carrying concealed weapons

Talk about stating the obvious. But of course, this is a problem for some.

The Houston Chronicle reports:
Leaders of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps of Texas had earlier said volunteers observing Houston's day laborers in October would carry nothing but video cameras.

But leaders now say those involved in the operations targeting local illegal immigrants will be allowed to carry arms as long as they comply with all federal and state laws.

In fact, those who have a concealed-weapons permit are being offered a discount on joining the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. An Arizona-based organization, the Minutemen started out by patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border in April to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing, but the group has announced it will conduct a variety of operations here this fall.

Members are normally charged $50 to join, with the money used to conduct a criminal background check. Those with a valid concealed-weapons permit can have that fee waived, since they already have undergone a background check and met other requirements, such as a handgun course, to get the permit, said George Klages, spokesman for the Minutemen in Houston.
So now the Minutemen have finally become targets of gun bigots. Notice the emphasized paragraph above. They can carry concealed if they comply with all the laws. So that means they are all going to be armed and looking to kill illegal aliens at their whim. Yeah.

Also note that they are not actually using a discounted fee as a recruiting tool. They have a smaller fee for those with concealed weapons permits because they know those people have already been through background checks. Those background checks aren't free, you know.

This article also points out that Chris Simcox has a gun-related criminal record:
He was convicted of entering a federal park with a loaded weapon and offering false information to a federal officer, both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to two years' probation, court records show.
Bad boy, Chris. We all know federal parks are completely free from crime and violent attacks.

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  1. Can't find it now, but I recently saw an article that stated that Park Rangers are being shot and injured or killed at a greater rate than any other law enforcement group. Telling statistic don't you think?