Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Don't Bring a Toy Gun to a Baseball Bat Fight

From Denver Post:
As a masked intruder lay bleeding in front of her house, Becci Starr called 911 and described a violent and emotional struggle to protect her home at the expense of a man's life.

'I have never felt so violated,' she told an operator. 'I was hitting him over the head. Like, I must have hit him 20 times. I have a baseball bat at my front door, and the guy kept coming at me. And then my husband came, and he tried to cut him up.'

Authorities released recordings of the 911 call Monday, the same day the district attorney's office announced the couple will not face criminal charges. The intruder was carrying a plastic water gun, a hunting knife, pepper spray and a flashlight when he broke into the home in the 100 block of Poorman Road in Boulder County on Oct. 3, authorities said. Starr and her husband, Scott Mattes, fought back, beating the man with a metal bat and stabbing him with his own knife.
I didn't realize Colorado has a "Make My Day" law.

I also didn't realize that you needed a law to allow you to beat some scum to death who forces his way violently through your door.

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