Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dudley Council says Piglet not offensive, A.A. Milne stops spinning in his grave

Looks like it's safe for Piglet to come out again:
Race equality rules are being reviewed at Dudley Council after workers were told to remove toy pigs from desks because they offended a Muslim staff member.

Council leaders say they will not accept 'extreme forms of political correctness'. Last month the Express & Star revealed how staff in the council's benefits department were told to remove a series of toy pigs sent as a promotion, as well as pig imagery, from their desks.

It came after a complaint from a Muslim worker who said she was offended by the items - the Koran forbids Muslims from eating and touching pork.

Councillor Pat Martin told a full council meeting: 'I fully support the actions by management to respond to the concerns from colleagues following established and approved procedures.

'However I'm satisfied these procedures need to be reconsidered to make them compatible with the current law on what's deemed to be offensive in the workplace. Therefore I've ordered an urgent review of the procedures.

'In Dudley we rightly pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable employers but we will not accept extreme forms of political correctness.'
And someone besides backward, reactionary whackos such as myself finally refers to "political correctness" (in this instance anyway) as "extreme."

When they begin referring to it as "extremism" and/or thought-control, I promise I'll be surprised.

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