Sunday, October 16, 2005

A little research I've been doing...

A typically slow weekend, with a nice barbecue yesterday, and nothing today except that silly test that says I'm a samurai with a long, purple ponytail.

I've been researching the use of Airsoft gas blowback pistols for use in practicing pistolcraft. Primarily, practicing drawing and point shooting with a gun that fairly closely approximates a real gun in weight, size, and even function, except that it only shoots plastic bb's. It looks like it would actually be useful practice.

There aren't any Springfield XD Airsoft pistols, but there are plenty of replica Glock 17's, which is almost exactly the same length (to me that's important for draw practice). Any comments?


  1. If I remember correctly, I think a kid from Japan won a major practical pistol shooting contest a couple of years ago after practicing almost exclusively with an airsoft replica of his competition gun. If the story is correct, he couldn't have a real gun in his country so he practiced with the replica. I heard he came over here shortly before the contest, bought a real gun and practiced for a few weeks and then won or at least placed very highly.

    If this is indeed true, it bodes well for your idea.

  2. As an airsofter and a shooter, I once had the same idea. The problem with using airsoft to practice is with the workmanship of the pistol. Most of those Glock 17's you saw were probably KWC or KJW or YPP or other trashy airsoft brands that don't make decent coasters. Even the Tokyo Marui guns have slipped in quality. To buy a good gun, you have to buy a Western Arms, and those run in the $300+ range, which is silly unless you are an actual airsofter who skirmishes with it.

    With the cheap guns, they are too light, too flimsy (read: breaks if you use a kydex holster), or too unreliable with 20lb trigger pulls. Plus, more often than not, the POA the sights read is not where the bb flies too.

    Just things to keep in mind from one who tried. I love my XD40/357, so I just practice with it. I wish they'd make a drop in 22 kit.