Thursday, November 03, 2005

And now I'm gonna quote 'em...

Ignert Redneck comments on white supremacy:
Next, they say they proud of bein' white. How in the hell can you be proud of somethin' you ain't gone and did? Now they Mama might be proud they white ifn' she been a sleepin' around, but saying I'm proud of bein white? Hell that's like saying I'm proud I got toenails. Unless of course you done lost some toenails to them yeller fellers that crawl up under them and go a diggin' like on the TV. The only person who can be proud of being white is Michel Jackison. That's becuz he didn't used to be white. He gone and become white, and if that is what he was a wantin' to do, then he can be proud. He ain't tho, he says it's a skin conditshun.Impitiger or sumptin'.
Man, I wish I could write like that.

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