Friday, November 04, 2005

Dispute Over Dice Becomes 3-round Melee

Von Ormy, TX -- Fisticuffs erupted today in the Castle of Olgar, known to some as Jimmy's mom's garage. What began as a discussion over using a d20 or a d10 turned swiftly to violence among this hardy band of adventurers.

Aralon the Magnificent (fighter--neutral good), proponent of using a d20 for the tens place and a d10 for the ones place, found his wishes thwarted by Alagorn the Strong (ranger--chaotic good), who stated that using two differently-colored d10 dice was the superior way. At one point, Aralon allegedly threw all available dice at Alagorn, commanding, "Roll this!" After which, the alleged fisticuffs did occur.

Also on the scene were Garan the Devious (thief--neutral) and Mogh the Subtle (druid--neutral). After witnessing the alleged incident, both Garan and Mogh remarked to this reporter that they "just rolled a d10 twice in a row and didn't worry too much about it." Garan further went on the state, "Most of the time you already know the answer on the first roll, so rolling another die is pretty much pointless." Mogh, who was in agreement, then stated, "Yeah." They then took part in a simple but arcane ritual of mutual congratulation known among adventurers as "Ye Five High."

Asked to describe the incident, Garan the Devious remarked that Aralon as well as Alagorn did not look so much like fighters, as they did "like a couple of happy-slappin' pixies." Mogh, who is said to be of half-elven ancestry, smiled politely but declined to offer wholehearty agreement.

Jimmy, also known as "The Dungeonmaster," sat idly by in quiet amusement and, as he put it, "let my pawns have their little argument." While Aralon and Alagorn were engaged in their struggle, the Dungeonmaster explained to this reporter that it didn't matter, because he had "already predestined their horrendous fates, anyway."

All parties present later agreed that "they don't make Mountain Dew like they used to."

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