Monday, November 14, 2005

Newsflash: "Blue Press" catalog arrives with seals intact

In a startling turn of events, The Blue Press, catalog of Dillon Precision, arrived today in this blogger's mailbox with both seals completely intact and unbroken.

Since the seals were still intact, the catalog did not automatically fall open at certain opportune pages. Nor did it have the corners of certain pages turned down as if someone had marked them for further reference. Nor, especially, was it afflicted with disturbingly mysterious smudges.

One can only speculate that the regular mailman is on vacation, requiring the weekend mail-woman to fill in for him during the week. Possibly the mail-woman is interested in neither firearms accessories nor with comely, well-proportioned women. Another possibility is that the regular mailman has finally figured out that The Blue Press is indeed a catalog of firearms accessories and not a catalog of scanty clothing modeled by comely, well-proportioned women.

This blogger must also note that the cover photo of the December issue of The Blue Press does, in fact, feature a comely and well-proportioned lever-action rifle, brandished by an especially comely and well-proportioned woman.

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