Saturday, November 05, 2005

Senior Citizens Handle Guns for the First Time

Susan Chapman has been afraid of guns her whole life. At 64, she decided to do something about it. Now, Chapman is one of 12 seniors in Hanover's senior citizen police academy. Together, they tour local jails, patrol the town in a police cruiser, collect tips on scams and theft, and learn to shoot.

"I hope it will teach me how to protect myself," Chapman, of Hanover, said of the once-a-year class. "A lot of people prey on the elderly, I don't want to be one of these gullable [sic] people. I hope it will make me a little more aware of the world and what we have to look out for."
This kind of report just warms my heart. Here's another quote:
They even get to aim and shoot a rifle. "It's very heavy in your hands," Anne Hill of Duxbury said of the rifle she shot at Marshfield's Rod and Gun club this week, part of Duxbury's senior citizen academy.

"When it shoots, it kind of pushes you back a little," Hill, 69, said. "I feel more empowered."

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