Friday, November 11, 2005

Surprise! Senator Hinojosa won't be facing charges

DA dismisses gun charges against Senator Hinojosa:
State Senator Juan Hinojosa won't be facing gun charges after he was arrested at an airport carrying a handgun.


Hinojosa released the following statement:

"I am relieved that the Grand Jury chose not to prosecute in this unfortunate incident where I absent-mindedly carried a licensed, concealed weapon through airport security. I am well aware, however, that many will see this as special treatment. I have read, and listened, to the many letters to the editors and comments on talk radio, and I understand where people are coming from. I have, though, heard from ordinary citizens, people I did not know personally, that they believe the system worked as it should — and that our heightened national security efforts were effective and the judicial system took its time in looking at the incident and making their judgment. I want to thank the citizens of South Texas for their understanding and patience during this unfortunate incident."
Yeah, sure, Juan. Whatever.

Must be nice to be one of the ruling elite
"Nobody in their right mind"

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