Friday, December 02, 2005

JPFO Email Alert

Just recieved this from JPFO. A woman in Colorado was jailed for refusing to obey a stupid law that should not be allowed to exist:
Several things bothered her about the ID checks. She wasn't entering a federal building or even leaving the bus. The officers barely glanced at the passengers' ID cards and didn't check them against a master list. The whole exercise struck her as 'just Big Brother watching you,' she said.

'I spent the weekend trying to decide if the Constitution had changed since I was in eighth grade, and I decided it hadn't,' said Mrs. Davis, who has a son serving in the Army in Iraq.

The following Monday, after the officers boarded the bus, one of them 'asked me if I had my ID with me, and I said, 'Yes,' ' she recalled. 'Then he asked me if he could see it and I said, 'No.'
What a wonderful free country we live in.