Friday, December 02, 2005

More on George MacDonald

In reference to this post from a few days ago, a friend of mine who is something of an expert on these matters sent me this brief snippet of information about MacDonald:
C.S. Lewis claimed him as one of his spiritual fathers, saying his reading of the novel "Phantastes" baptized his imagination. GM was also a good friend of Lewis Carrol. Besides all of his fantasy novels he also wrote a bundle of three-decker potboilers of the Victorian flavor. He was something of a non-conformist preacher, and one of his beliefs was that although there was a Hell, nobody was going there, and that the Devil himself might, nay, would, one day see the error of his ways and be saved, so mighty is the mercy and love of the Lord.
Sure, I could Google his name, but asking people in person is much more interesting.