Sunday, January 29, 2006

Crosman Air Pistol Question

Not to change the subject, but I have been very interested in this gun since I first saw it at Walmart several months ago. It would seem like a pretty good drill gun for back yard practice that would not alarm the peasantry. A copy of the Walther PPK/S, it uses typical 12-gram CO2 cartridges and shoots BBs only. The interesting thing about this Crosman is that it has blowback action--the (metal, not plastic) slide actually moves.

Note that this is not an Airsoft gun, it is a BB gun with a stated muzzle velocity of 295 fps. Most pistols like this would be in the 400+ range, but I suppose cycling the slide sucks up a lot of air.

Anyone have any experience with this pistol? I almost bought one today, but would like some info--if available--before I plunk down $55.

The only Crosman I ever owned was the one they now call the American Classic, and it was a fantastic gun. I no longer have it because it was stolen, but I could easily buy one again if the need arose. This was my main rat gun back in my teenage years. With a 10-inch rifled barrel and pump action, it could launch a BB at around 600 fps and a pellet, if I recall correctly, at about 475 fps. I notice on the current models they appear to have improved the bolt. On the old model that I had 20+ years ago, the bolt was designed differently and would sometimes fall open. I slew many rats with this pistol, and it was always one of my favorite guns, which is saying something for an air gun. I even had a long, leather holster for it. Sweet.