Wednesday, January 18, 2006

San Antonio's Stupid Criminals of 2005

The San Antonio Express-News provides a roundup of stupid criminals for 2005. Here are a few samples:
In July, one bank robber took advantage of city transport in lieu of the traditional getaway car. Police made an arrest in the back of a VIA Metropolitan Transit bus.

Four days later, three arrests were made in connection with a bank robbery in which the crime mobile--a mustard-yellow van with a vivid western landscape--fell a bit short of blending in. The arrests were made soon after police spotted the distinctive van parked about a mile away from the just-robbed bank.


In April, a man concerned with hiding his identity approached a Converse bank in a black mask and immediately distinguished himself as a would-be bank robber in the process.

Bank employees refused to buzz the masked man through the bolted security doors, leaving him no choice but to flee into a beehive of police officers.
Heh heh.